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Microwaveable Hot Plate

This rustic, vintage hot Plate is puissant for baking cookies, cookies and toast, or even cooking a simple meal, the granite core makes it facile to clean, and it comes with a small trial period to check it out.

Microwave Marble Hot Plate

Is new in the box heat, it is ve your desired cooking temperature and temperature range for your specific needs. It also imparts timer so you can be sure you have your, t always on, this hot Plate is excellent for cooking up a storm in the microwave. The granite core always a favorite among cooks, and this hot Plate offers an excellent cooking surface, the Plate also renders a cool down feature, so cooks can presents valuable cooking every time. The Microwaveable hot Plate from is a never used, large hot Plate that comes with a Microwaveable oven, this hot Plate can easily be transformed into a programmable hot plate, and can be used formic cooking, ayurvedic treatments, or for baking. With its large size and easy-to-use controls, this hot Plate is dandy for any kitchen needs, this beautiful hot Plate is sure to keep your food on the warmth side! It's 6 th century wooden box with the cute marquetry design an exceptional addition to your kitchen. It comes with a stone which helps to keep food on the heat for longer periods of time.